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Post office 00/00/00 handles letters to the dead.

It was established on the 05/01/2017 as something to hold on to in the dark days of grief.


Grief is an upside-down stamp on a sealed envelope.

The post office wants to help people to come to terms with their loss, by writing beyond death. Handwritten letters to the dead. 

Because love doesn’t die.


00/00/00, because death doesn’t keep time.

When someone dies, their loved ones reset the clocks; there is life before and life after.





Grief can stick to all the walls of a house.

The post office files your handwritten letters to the dead.


We publish a quote from every letter on our website, anonymously. At some point we want to issue a compilation of these quotes.


Saar De Buysere (visual artist) - Sassafras De Bruyn - (illustrator and designer) - Heike Sofia Villavicencio Rammeloo (visual artist)- Penelope Deltour (illustrator) - Yule Hermans (illustrator) - Leen Huysmans (illustrator), Nakke Van Loo (visual artist), Eva Haentjens (illustrator) and Janne Van Woensel Kooy (visual artist) give their visual re-interpretation of what is written in the letter.

The post office sends this drawing (A6/postcard) by way of reply to the author of the letter. The post office would like to offer the author of a letter the chance to purchase the visual interpretation of his/her letter. This right of first refusal to purchase the original drawing of the artist shall be limited to three months, starting from the date of reply. After which, the artist may offer her work to any other person. If you would like to exercise this right, you can send an e-mail to:

Faith decides to which artist the letter is entrusted.


*We only mention the first name of the dead person. Don’t cross out their names, do not forget them.



Post office 00/00/00

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